Boeing 737 Recurrent Training 14CFR§61.58

B-737NG Recurrent Course Overview

Fort Worth TX ~ Las Vegas NV


B-737-800 Next Gen ~ Call for Revised Price*
Fort Worth Texas
Las Vegas Nevada

2 Days**
* Price based per person
** It is recommended that you plan an extra day at the end.
(Early morning Simulator completion, Simulator Troubles, that sort of thing)

To re-establish currency and proficiency (§61.58) through training and checking of the Boeing B-737 systems, maneuvers, procedures, and CRM. This course uses a level C or D simulator device for all training/checking purposes.

You will need at a minimum an unrestricted FAA pilot certificate to state:

  •  ATP; Commercial Pilot; Private Pilot
  •  Airplane Multi-engine Land with B-737 Type Rating
  •  Instrument Airplane
Note: Airman's Certificate must not have the following limitation: “The B-737 is subject to PIC limitations” Recurrent Training may be accomplished, however, a 61.58 proficiency check will not be accomplished by the examiner.

§61.58(i) states that within the preceding 12 calendar months a pilot-in-command proficiency check must be completed in an aircraft that is type certificated for more than one required pilot flight crewmember. A grace month is given within which to complete the 12 month proficiency check requirements.

If a pilot takes the pilot-in-command proficiency check in the calendar month before or the calendar month after the month in which it is due, the pilot is considered to have taken it in the month in which it was due for the purpose of computing when the next pilot-in-command 61.58 proficiency check is due.

For example, a person who was due in January 2018, who then completes the proficiency check in February 2018, would be considered in compliance, and then due the following January 2019.

Classes can be scheduled at any time. Let us know what your availability is and we will do our best to accommodate you based on your schedule.  If you already have a sim partner, let us know when you would like to schedule training.   Please contact our sales department to schedule your training date. +1.800.588.9325 Ext 4.

Note: Please give us a 30 to 45 days advanced notice if you can. B-737-800 Full Flight Simulator time is at a premium and may be difficult to schedule at short notice.

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